“Suicide Squad” First Reviews: It’s a mess, but you might like it anyway?

The first reviews for the highly anticipated Suicide Squad are coming in and they are… not so great. With 44 reviews counted so far, Rotten Tomatoes finds the film sitting at a 36% at the time of writing.

This is disappointing. DC Films already face-planted earlier this year with the egregiously titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Being the next film released under the DC Extended Universe banner, Suicide Squad is tasked with fixing this broken universe. Unfortunately, it looks to be yet another disappointment from DC. I want to like this movie – I really, really do. I’m holding out hope that at least the performances are as good as they seem in the trailer, and the first reviews indicate that this is the case. Below are some excerpts from other critics; we will have a review once we have seen the film.

“Like Avengers Assemble forced through a Deadpool mangle, Suicide Squad gives new life to DC’s big-screen universe. So bad-to-the-bone it’s good.” – Dan Jolin, Empire Magazine


“… it’s Robbie who displays the most thrilling superpower of all: turning into a movie star while having a gonzo blast swinging a baseball bat and tossing off naughty, gum-snapping one-­liners.” – Chris Nashawaty, EW


“The film’s got a rotten elegance thanks to the cinematography by Roman Vasyanov… and Steven Price does really strong work as a composer here…. There’s a pretty ferocious sense of energy to the film’s first 2/3, and the weirder it gets, the better it is. When it starts to falter into something more conventional, it’s disappointing, but there are some strong choices near the end of the movie that suggest that this larger DC universe could be coming into focus.” – Drew Mcweeny, HitFix

However, not everyone is as positive…

“… The Joker. Jared Leto is fucking insufferable in the role, playing The Joker as Scarface with a bad sense of humor. I know that everybody gets their own interpretation of comic book characters, but I think this is the worst version of The Joker yet, a version that so deeply misunderstands the chaotic heart of the character that he’s simply ruined.” – Devin Faraci, Birth. Movies. Death.


“So much happens in David Ayer’s DC Comics adaptation Suicide Squad that by the end, it’s as if you’ve seen nothing.” – Stephanie Zacharek, TIME


“Meanwhile we have this thing, this garish, overstaffed, overstuffed, blithely sadistic corporate directive disguised as a PG-13 summer movie for all ages. (You’d be pretty stupid to let anyone under 13 see it. Actually you’d be pretty stupid to let anyone over 13 see it too.)” – Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune


Written and directed by David Ayer, Suicide Squad comes out this Friday, August 5.


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