First Photos From Denis Villeneuve’s “Arrival”

Denis Villeneuve’s movies snuck up and consumed me so slowly and so steadily that I’ve hardly even noticed. Over the course of EnemyPrisoners, and Scicario, I have fallen in love with the work of this director. So much so that even when something as dumbfounding as Blade Runner sequel was announced, I put all my worries away just because I saw his name attached to the project. Before we get to see what he does with the Replicants, Villeneuve is tackling one of my favorite sub-genres: alien invasion.

Arrival, which is due out November 11, 2016, is about aliens (!!!) after they’ve touched down on Earth and the linguist (played by Amy Adams) hired to speak with them in order to determine if they come in peace. USA Today has the first images from the movie, which you should definitely look at below.

Amy Adams

Jeremy Renner.jpg

Let’s dig into these. First, these photos focus on the humans, which is great. This lets us know that Arrivals is staying away from Independence Day style destruction. Jeremy Renner, confirms this, saying, “[the aliens are] not goofy creatures with guns who are going to kill us.” He also says the film is what would happen “if you blended a (Stanley) Kubrick and a (Steven) Spielberg movie,” which makes me so happy, because if anyone can pull this off it’s Villeneuve.

Anything this man touches, I will see. His films have a confidence that seeps through the screen and right into my heart. The last time a new and exciting filmmaker tackled Spielberg-esque sci-fi we were given the gift of Jeff Nichols’ Midnight Special. Villeneuve has the ability to match, or even surpass, the quality of that film. November can’t get here soon enough.



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