Second “Rogue One” Trailer Debuts… Along With A Familiar Face


After an excruciating wait it is finally here. The first standalone film to take place in the Star Wars universe has mostly been shrouded in mystery since its inception. We know it’s about a band of rebels tasked with stealing the plans to the Death Star so that they can destroy it. We know it looks completely bad-ass. We know it has a vibe unlike anything we’ve seen from Star Wars before. This is a war film from a fantastic director (Gareth EdwardsMonsters and Godzilla) with a fantastic cast set in a vibrant world. The Force Awakens was a perfect continuation of a familiar story, but it was comfort food. Rogue One is uncharted territory. Sure, we know about the Death Star and Darth Vader and the Force… but we have never seen this universe on the big screen from this angle before. This is my most anticipated film of the year. Here is the new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Wow. So much to unpack in that trailer. DARTH VADER IS BACK!

What did you all think? Are you as excited as I am?

We’ll see if this one lives up to the hype when it’s released on December 16.


2 thoughts on “Second “Rogue One” Trailer Debuts… Along With A Familiar Face

    1. I think I am too. It looks like nothing else we’ve ever seen from Star Wars movies. We are finally going to see what looks like actually war! I can’t wait until they do something completely removed from what is recognizable though: no more Death Star or Darth Vader and something completely new.

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