Kylo Ren Reacts to “Rogue One” Trailer


Everyone’s favorite overly emotional Jedi killer, Kylo Ren, has a lot to say. This is a man with opinions, but what saddens me is that he doesn’t seem to have an audience for his musings. He has pushed his family away (or murdered them), doesn’t seem to have any friends, and even the Stormtroopers that work for him turn and walk the other way.GIF

He may want to build another Death Star, but I think Kylo is just lonely. Thankfully, he seems to have an internet connection, which means he can share his thoughts with the entire universe.

His reaction to the Rogue One trailer has arrived. Watch it below:

This is a pretty great parody video because it fits the image I have in my mind of Kylo Ren in his free time almost perfectly. He giggles, cheers, and is darkly hilarious while saying such horrible things as, “That’s right! Shoot them all in the back.” He’s just a misunderstood twenty-something, trying to find his place.

He seems to love the trailer (as we all do, right?!), until the end when he suspects it to be Hayden Christensen under the helmet of his grandfather. Disney wouldn’t do that to us……

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story arrives on December 16.


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