FILM BREAKING : An Adventure into Failure (But Sometimes Not)


The biggest question to ask yourself when making art, whether it is a painting, a monologue or a film, is “why?”

For example, why do I want to walk two feet in this direction? Why do I want this area to be red? Why do I want the actor to wear a cape? By this logic, two-year-olds would be the best artists of all if they weren’t so busy trying to walk.

So when people ask me about why I call my “production company” Remember Tommy Productions, I usually have to point them towards YouTube and a minute long video appropriately named ‘Remember Tommy’. It was a video I conceived, created and finalized in the span of an evening in my boarding school dorm. The purpose was to encourage students to conserve electricity…so I used a single picture of a bunny, charming piano music, and text to inform them that, by not turning off their lights that morning, they had just killed Tommy: the father of five baby bunnies and an overall outstanding bunny citizen. The video ends with the statement, “I hope you’re happy.”

Now of course, I’ve become a little more, shall we say, advanced in my filmmaking process since then. However, it has always been moments like that evening, when an idea plops into my head – one that energizes me, excites me, and very possibly makes me actually laugh out loud; one that leads me to sit there and do absolutely nothing else until it is completed the way I envision it and is then shared with the world – that embody why I want to spend my life being a filmmaker. Or, you know, at least try.

So when people ask me why I named my “production company” after a stupid little video I made in high school, I tell them it’s because as complicated or hard or discouraging it can be as a filmmaker, the most important thing is that I love what I do, whether it’s creating blockbuster action movies or splicing together text blocks in iMovie.

As to why I made this my first entry, I’m hoping to use this space as a sort of production journal, chronicling all the problems, surprises, lessons, tips and tricks that come from my adventures as a burgeoning filmmaker under the name Remember Tommy.  If you’re ready, I am. Let’s adventure.


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