Why Casting Sir Patrick Stewart As The Poop Emoji Is Actually Brilliant


Sir Patrick Stewart – an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, who was knighted in 2010 for services in drama; a renowned actor and thespian who we will forever remember as Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Professor Charles Xavier – has just signed on for his most pungent role yet. He has joined the cast of this year’s The Emoji Movie as… the Poop Emoji.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news earlier today stating:

Patrick Stewart is joining Sony Pictures Animation’s The Emoji Movie as Poop.

Poop. Sir Patrick Stewart is going to be voicing and actual pile of poop, which is a bit shocking to say the least. On the surface this appears to be a smelly stain on Stewart’s impressive resume, as joining The Emoji Movie in any capacity seems like a huge mistake. Taking a closer look, however, this casting announcement actually seems perfect.

First of all, The Emoji Movie follows an emoji named Gene who has the ability to make multiple expressions, and his journey to become like all the other emojis who only have one expression. Other characters include: Mel Meh, Ice Cream, Hi-5 and, of course, Poop. Stewart is joining a cast of comedic heavyweights such as T.J. Miller, Ilana Glazer, Rob Riggle, Maya Rudolph, James Corden and Jennifer Coolidge. These are some insanely talented people and, with Stewart’s involvement, The Emoji Movie becomes a film to watch despite the urge to douse it in gasoline and light it on fire.

Also, Stewart’s voice is a one-of-a-kind blend of silky smoothness, gravitas, and a pinch of spice that will greatly juxtapose the image of a walking, talking piece of poop. His roles in projects like Ted, American Dad!, Robot Chicken, Family Guy, Extras, Gnomeo & Juliet, and Ice Age: Continental Drift, show that he doesn’t take himself too seriously and that quality will come in handy here. He brings a professionalism to even his silliest roles that makes them all worthwhile.

People (myself included) tend to forget that, in addition to his astounding dramatic roles, Stewart is a masterful comedic performer. This is likely because he tends to lend only his voice to comedies, but his role as a heightened version of himself in the HBO series Extras is a fantastic example of the kind of fun he likes to have. I hope he is able to bring the same energy to his role as Poop.

With a cast this strong I am hopeful The Emoji Movie will be able to break boundaries just like the way-better-than-anyone-expected-it-to-be The Lego Movie did back in 2014.

The Emoji Movie is out on August 4th.


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